Shine Cleaning Deep Move in/out cleaning Checklist


move out(Empty home/apartment)

- Hand wash ceiling fans

- Handwash all light fixtures that can be reached with a 2 step ladder
(higher fixtures will be dusted with a extension unit)
- Remove all cob webs
- Dust all blinds/window sills
- Wash all molding, trim, & door frames
- Hand wash all doors
- Wash all light switch plates
- Wash all baseboards
- Vacuum air return vents
- Clean & disinfect all bathrooms (wash all cabinets inside & out)
- Showers & Tubs (cleaned and disinfected)
- All mirrors washed
- Wash all counters and appliances (inside of microwave washed)
Clean inside and out of kitchen cabinets & drawers
Scrub and wash all sinks
Vacuum and wash all hard floor surfaces
Vacuum all stairs
Vacuum all carpets (including closet space)
Vacuum all carpet crevices (where all the dust, bugs, carpet fibers and animal hair collect)
Optional Services offered:
Inside window cleaning (outside first floor only)
Inside of refridgerator
Fire place (scoop out all ashes)
Garage clean up
Bouquet of flowers left on kitchen counter
A selection of air freshners can be left in any designated room

clutter and laundry


Encouraging Messages
"God often uses small matches to light up great torches and no matter how small you feel in this world, He has something big inshore for you."