Commercial services


Our Commercial Services Standards:

Total floor care for your floors—vacuum or sweep, and washed. Carpet cleaning, floor wax stripping and buffing as needed.

Office1Dust and clean horizontal surfaces (cleared surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, furniture, and unobstructed work areas). Sanitize telephones. Remove smudges around doorjambs, push plates, light switches, glass partitions, counters and unobstructed work areas.
Sanitize and polish all water fountains.

Restrooms thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Maintenance of soap and paper products with supplies furnished by your firm or at cost.
Remove soil on entrance doorframes, handles, glass and threshold. Sweep surface of immediate exterior entry areas.


Shine Cleaning Service, LLC provides a complete business cleaning service. We would like to add your company to our family of satisfied customers

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